HEAL Foundation Providers and Vendor Policy

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To be considered for our resources list:

Please provide the following:

Two parent references that recommend you as a vendor resource for other families. These references must also email their recommendation to HEAL. Please make sure the parents have your company name clearly stated on the email. These parent reference letters are required, as HEAL does not have the time or staff to follow up on references.

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  1. At this time, HEAL will not list sellers of vitamins or supplements.
  2. Due to the grassroots nature of our organization, HEAL will only consider listing providers located in the Northeast Florida area, with parent references as outlined above. We are a mostly volunteer organization. Resource updates are scheduled to occur APPROXIMATELY twice a year.
  3. PLEASE do not call to follow up on a resource change status. HEAL reserves the right to list vendors whom they feel best reflect the mission of the organization.
  4. Thank you for your cooperation.
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