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Chris Weiss

Christine Marston Weiss was born in Bradford, Massachusetts. She attended junior high and high school in Clearwater, Florida. Chris graduated from Florida State University in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Food and Nutrition and a minor in Chemistry. After college she worked as a dietician and as a sous chef.

In 1984, Chris married Eric Weiss and moved to Durham, NC. While in Durham she continued working in the food industry and eventually became the Director of Executive Dining at Bank of America Headquarters, San Francisco. Once in San Francisco, she followed her true passion and changed careers. Her first job in women's fashion was a sales representative at the Esprit Corporation headquarters. Eventually she was able to go out on her own, with show rooms in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami.

Chris moved to Jacksonville, FL in 1994 and helped her husband open his plastic surgery office. She held the position of office manager at her husband's office until the birth of their second son in 1995. She then took time off to be with him and help him through significant life challenges.

Chris is married to Eric, working part time at his office, and have 2 beautiful sons and a God-son: Austin 25, Marston 19 and William Abernathy. Chris has decided to dedicate the second phase of her life to helping those with autism and other disabilities live life to the fullest.

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