HEAL Co-Founder Leslie Weed

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Leslie Weed
HEAL Co-Founder

Nationally known in the world of Autism advocacy, Leslie has helped changed the world for children with Autism, her pursuit has been inspired by her own family’s struggles in raising her daughter, Lanier, who is non-verbal and profoundly affected by Autism.

For more than ten years Leslie traveled to Washington DC advocating for children with Autism on a national level. Leslie is a member of CoMeD, Coalition of Mercury Free Drugs, and was instrumental in writing a FDA Citizens Petitions designed remove mercury from drugs and vaccines. She was mentioned in David Kirby’s 2005 NY Times best seller “Evidence of Harm” for her work with the FDA asking for the removal of mercury in vaccines.

In 2004, Leslie Co-founded The HEAL Foundation. Leslie resides locally with her husband, Bobby and three daughters Haley, Carley and Lanier.

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