HEAL Board Member Patti Hughes

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Patti Hughes

Patti Hughes is the Founder/CEO/Creative Director of Natural Life, a lifestyle brand founded over 20 years ago. The mission of Natural Life is to inspire people to Give & Live Happy. Patti grew up in a creative household and discovered she had the same passion as her mother for making things. The gifts her mother quietly passed down to her not only gave her the courage and knowledge to start her own business, but the talent to create things people love! Patti enjoys every aspect of the company and still oversees every single detail of every product that is made. She has three daughters, Madison, Halle and Gracie, and her biggest hope is that they will discover their passion so they can enjoy life doing what they love. Patti lives in Ponte Vedra Beach and enjoys spending quality time with her daughters and playing with her two golden retriever fur babies “Huck” and “Harley”.

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