DOSA Camps
Awarded: $5,000

Sensory and Adaptive Equipment
DOSA camps allow over 300 children, teenagers, and adults with disabilities to participate in various different summer camps. Over one-third of the attendees are affected by ASD. This grant would be used to purchase equipment such as countdown lights and timers for a sensory room that will be used by the campers. This would help strengthen the education and awareness pillars of the HEAL foundation.

Ed White High School
Awarded: $250

Graphing Calculators
The grant would go towards the purchase of graphing calculators for the special education program at Ed White High School. The new equipment would better help the children in the learning environment.  This will meet the education pillar of HEAL.

Girl Scouts of Gateway Council
Awarded: $2,000

Smile Camp
This is a continuing grant from 2009 that will be used towards maintaining camp facilities and providing children with the opportunity to attend the camp. Girl Scouts of Gateway Council transports up to fifty campers by bus per day for day camps run by Girl Scout counselors, directors, and adults. Smile Camp provides children ages 5 to 11 with health challenges the possibility to experience the outdoors and create new friends with out thinking about their disabilities. Through Smile Camp, Girl Scouts of Gateway Council promotes the education and awareness pillars of HEAL.

Hope Haven Children’s Clinic
Awarded: $905

Social Skills for Teenagers
Hope Haven provides children with an environment in which they can learn and practice their social skills. The grant will allow Hope Haven to invest in a social skills curriculum for children in grades six and above, as well as, games that will help teach the use of proper social skills. The grant also allows for the program to maintain its low cost for the families.  Hope Haven ‘s program meets the education and treatment pillars.

HUG (Help Us Golf)
Awarded: $4,000

Junior Golf Program
Monthly three-day sessions allow up to 16 participants per session to learn about the game of golf at world-class facilities. Each session takes place at a different site around Jacksonville and will follow the program created by a Master PGA Professional. The program supports the education, awareness, and treatment pillars of HEAL by providing structured activities that will strengthen social and relationship building skills.

PVAA Baseball
Awarded: $1,000

Rising Stars Baseball
The baseball league provides the opportunity for children ages 8-13 with physical and motor planning challenges to participate in the sport. The children can develop their teamwork skills, as well as, build self-confidence through baseball. PVAA will use the funds to help with the overall cost of operating the program. With the program in its fourth season, forty players are expected to participate this spring season. The two pillars met are awareness and treatment.

William Scott & Associates
Awarded: $1,920

Pilot Program for Couples
William Scott & Associates will use the grant to fund a pilot group therapy program. The new program will provide couples with therapy techniques led by a trained therapist who will present helpful tools to cope and manage life with a child with autism or related disorders. The grant will cover the cost of counselor and the facility fee. This pilot program meets the education, treatment, and research pillars of HEAL.

Hope Therapy
Awarded: $2,000

Hope Therapy
Hope Therapy provides children and adults with special needs, mostly with ASD, with hippotherapy. They use licensed occupational therapists in equine therapy.  This technique has been shown to drastically improve function and the quality of life for the patients. The grant would be used to offset the cost of the program. It meets the treatment pillar of HEAL.

City of Jacksonville Beach Surf Camp
Awarded: $5,000

Special Day at the Beach
Surf camp will take place this summer at Jacksonville Beach. It provides the opportunity for children with autism to participate in an activity that appears inaccessible. Children with ASD will be able to participate in surf camp which supports the education and treatment pillars of HEAL.

St. Johns County School District
Total Awarded: $654

Swiss Point Middle School — Classroom
Awarded: $500
Funds will be used to purchase research based TEACHH activities and additional vocational tasks for a classroom.  These tools will be used to increase motivation and stay with a specific activity for longer periods of time. This program meets the treatment and education pillars of the HEAL Foundation.

Landrum Middle School — Modified Gym Program
Awarded: $154
Students will participate in a program in which they will be able to compete with and against fellow students without worry of injury.  This program will not only provide immediate gratification to children, but also provide them with the ability to take part in a sport that they may not have been previously able to.  This program will fulfill the education pillar.

Little Star Center
Awarded: $2,000

Summer Camp
These funds will cover the costs of field trips to places these children may not visit with their families, not only enriching the students, but the community at-large.  Little Star’s population is entirely on the spectrum.  Trips will include the Jacksonville Zoo, library, and theater.  Pillars met include education, awareness, and treatment.

Jacksonville School for Children with Autism
Awarded: $4,000

JSA Summer Enrichment Program
This school will offer reduced fees on summer enrichment programs including individualized piano and art instruction.  By developing their sense of rhythm and timing, both programs have been successful therapy tools for children with Autism.  This grant meets the awareness, treatment, and education pillars of the HEAL Foundation.