2013 Spring

Catholic Charities
Awarded: $5,000

DOSA Camp: Camp I Am Special 
Camp I am Special offers 7 week-long summer residential camps and at least 1 weekend mini-camp during the year for children with physical, emotional and developmental disabilities and disorders such as Autism, Spina Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy, Quadriplegia, Sensory Disorders, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in a safe, loving environment with one-on-one support. The program offers life-enriching experiences, which have been written into the IEPs (Individual Educational Plans) and ITPs (Individual Treatment Plans) of some of our Campers.

Clay County School District
Awarded: $11,580

iHEAL- iPads Helping Enrich Autistic Lives
HEAL is striving to place an iPad in every ESE classroom in the surrounding five county area. The iPads will be used to enhance the learning experiences of the students and help give a voice to the non-verbal children.

The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens
Awarded: $5,000

2013 VSA Festival 
The VSA Festival provides hands-on art experiences and the chance to view original works of art to over 2,300 children with disabilities over a four-day period. Public School students from the surrounding four-countries Exceptional Education Student Services (EESS) program rotate through eight art shops in the Museum’s galleries and gardens to create hands-on art projects, view The Cummer’s art collection, listen to live musicians and storytellers, and learn about art appreciation.

The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens
Awarded: $1,700

Camp Cummer 
Camp Cummer is a fun summer camp that offers fun, adventurous ways for children to grow by discovering art and person Expression. The Cummer will have six one-week programs for grades 1 through 6. These campers will print, draw, paint, create with clay, and learn new ways to think and talk about art in the galleries and gardens. The Cummer will also offer a one-week session grades 6 through 9. These campers will learn the skills of printmaking, drawing, painting, and clay techniques while being inspired by masterworks in the galleries and the histories gardens. All the children will also spend time exploring Art Connections.

Dandelion House
Awarded: $1,000

Dandelion House will provide weekend workshops in training, recreation, socialization, and fitness to individuals with disabilities ages 16 and up.

8 Flag Playscapes Inc.
Awarded: $2,500

Pirate Playground Musical Area 
8 Flags Playscapes Inc. is dedicated to the healthy physical, mental and social growth of children. Their mission is to create and maintain a community-assessable playground that integrates exercise, art, nature, music, imagination, and local history for children of all abilities. This is a fun way for kids to be able to interact and play with one another in a safe place, while letting parents interact and not have to worry about their children getting hurt.

Girl Scouts of Gateway Council
Awarded: $2,000

Smile Camp
Smile Camp is a weeklong summer day camp for children ages 5 to 11 with autism, cerebral palsy, mental handicaps, spina bifida, visual and hearing impairments, as well as other physical health challenges. Smile camp offers children living with disabilities the chance to experience a week of new friends, outdoor adventures, and a sense of belonging.

Haven Horse Ranch
Awarded: $1,500

Equine Therapy
The Haven Horse Ranch provides Equine Assisted Therapy to gain valuable, life-changing therapy, in a controlled environment using proven documented methods.

Henderson Haven, Inc.
Awarded: $2,500

Camp Possible 2013
Camp Possible 2013 will provide learning in a fun environment while promoting age-appropriate social skills. Each week Camp Possible will have a different theme, which will relate to an area of living an independent life, such as safety and/or health. Camp Possible will have volunteers and community resources to enhance the experience for each camper.

Hope Therapy
Awarded: $1,500

Hope Therapy 
Hope Therapy provides occupational therapy to both adults and child with autism, using horses. Hippotherapy has been shown to improve the quality of life for children and adults with autism. Patients have improvements in speech, behavior and social skills that make participation in a Hippotherapy program a valuable adjunct to other treatments and therapies. Hope Therapy is the only Hippotherapy program that has received Premier Accredited Center status with PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International) in northeast Florida.

HUG-Help Us Golf, Inc.

Junior Golf Program
HUG- Junior Golf Camp focuses on teaching the game of golf to juniors within the autism spectrum. The HUG Junior Golf Program is hosted at the TOUR Academy at TPC Sawgrass. This program integrates the following into the golf camp; physical fitness, history/rules of the game, environmental stewardship/golf course maintenance and the fundamentals of the golf swing.

Inclusion Solution
Awarded: $3,720

Bowling Buddies
Bowling Buddies helps families afford a fun, structured family outing with their child or children.

Jacksonville Miracle League
Awarded: $1,000

The Jacksonville Miracle League has a baseball league for disabled and handicapped children and adults. These new uniforms will have the children and adults looking like a fresh new team with their names and numbers on the shirts.

JSA Jacksonville School for Autism
Awarded: $3,000

JSA Summer Camp
JSA Summer Camp offers campers an experience to integrate the arts into academics and “camping” experiences. Each day campers will experience movement activates, songs, team building activities, artistic expression activities, motor skills practice, etc. that are infused and integrated into science and cultural themed objectives.

K.A.R.M.A Voice Studio
Awarded: $1,000

The Butterfly Exchange
K.A.R.M.A Voice Studio’s will teach the children what happens behind the scenes of recording a song and producing a music video. K.A.R.M.A Voice Studio will record live takes of an original arrangement of the Beach Boys’ song Good Vibrations. The children will get to see demonstrations of how studio-recording equipment works.

Little Star Center
Awarded: $2,000

Summer Camp 2013
Little Star Center is a local, non-profit school for children with developmental disabilities. Students attending this camp will be paired with another student and will rotate through centers throughout the day working on social skills, functional and self-help skills (vacuuming, doing dishes, brushing teeth, toileting routines). Each pair of students will have a typical peer model assigned to their group so they can learn and practice appropriate social and play skills. The camp attends field trips 1-2 days per week to work on fundamental skills in the community.

NB Forrest High School
Awarded: $150

Autism Wing
This Duval County High School serves the community with an Autism wing. These funds will be used for educational enhancements.

Ridgeview High School
Awarded: $500

High School Prom for students with special needs 
The Ridgeview High School has organized a program to provide our students with a high school experience that is unforgettable. These students will get to experience a night that they will never forget.

Super Surf Camp
Awarded: $3,000

“Special Day at the Beach” Riding the Wave of Autism 
The Super Surf Camp will provide a fun day in the sun for the children with educated instructors and fun equipment including kayaks, surfboards, boogie boards, catamarans and safety equipment. Come out and ride a wave with the Super Surf Camp!

2013 Fall

The Arc Jacksonville
Awarded: $1,000

"Wings for Autism"
Wings for Autism is a free travel familiarization/education program for persons with Autism and their families. It is a rehearsal of the whole air travel experience with the goal of reducing negative impact of the typical travel conditions. Wings includes The Arc Jacksonville, the Jacksonville International Airport, the Jacksonville Aviation Authority, Jet Blue Airlines, and local representatives from the transportation security agency.

Best Buddies Jacksonville
Awarded: $1,800

Best Buddies Jacksonville School Friendships & Ambassadors Project
The project will directly engage at least 140 high school students with and without autism and related disabilities as associate members, buddies (students with disabilities) and peer buddies. Approximately 70 students with autism and related disabilities will be paired in one-to-one mutual mentoring friendships with a peer without a disability.

The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens
Awarded: $2,500

The VSA Festival
This festival provides hands-on art experiences and the change to view original works of art to over 2,200 children with disabilities and their teachers over a four-day period. Public school students from the surrounding five-country Exceptional Education Student Services (EESS) program rotate through eight art stops in the Museum's galleries and gardens to create art, view The Cummer's collection, listen to live musicians and storytellers, and learn about art appreciation.

Haven Horse Ranch
Awarded: $1,500

A licensed Spirit Horse Therapeutic Riding Center providing Free Equine Assisted Therapy. It's the only facility in NE Florida providing full time, free, therapy, 6 days per week for those with Autism, MS, MD, Celebral Palsy, Down's Syndrome, Traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, Learning disabilities, Developmental Delays, and at risk and abused youth. To provide 100 sessions of Equine Therapy along with camp and various "horse shows" (a kind of Special Olympics with horses) for local children diagnosed specifically with an ASD.

Hope at Hand
Awarded: $800

"Poetry and Prose"
Poetry and Prose has two distinct benefits for the students attending the Noble School: Hope at Hand, Inc. will begin new classes to provide art and poetry therapy utilizing a co-teach model with support provided by a certified therapist with Coastal Therapy and Learning Center, INC. Coastal Therapy is currently working with the Noble School students so this funding will increase the current level of services provided. It is a group setting, students read literature and poems, participate in discussions and connect the text to their personal situation.

Hope Haven
Awarded: $2,000

Hope Academy/Project Search Expansion
Hope Academy/Project Search is a program based at UF Health designed to prepare teens and young adults with developmental challenges for paid employment. Participants receive classroom education and work 3 distinct internships during the academic calendar year.

Inclusion Solutions
Awarded: $1,350

Fishing and Bowling
Funds up to 35 bowlers on the second Saturdays, the bowlers include: siblings, peers and children with Autism. Bowling Buddies helps families afford a fun, structured family outing with their child or children. Includes money for bait, tackle, pier cost, etc.

Inclusion Solutions
Awarded: $400

Bowling Buddies South
Funds up to 35 bowlers on the second Saturdays, the bowlers include: siblings, peers and children with Autism. Bowling Buddies helps families afford a fun, structured family outing with their child or children.

JSA Jacksonville School for Autism
Awarded: $1,000
The Jericho School for Children with Autism
Awarded: $1,000

Technology Utilization for Children with Autism
The Jericho School Technology Utilization for Children with Autism Project is to take advantage of technology like iPads in the classroom and other educational settings that serve children with autism.

Little Star Center
Awarded: $1,000

6:2 ABA Program
The new 6:2 program to help transition students from a small ratio to a larger ratio classroom setting. Little Star Center plans to use Language for Learning and Connecting Math Concepts to develop an academic curriculum to serve this new program.

North Florida School of Special Education
Awarded: $1,250

Art & Yoga after three
The goal of the Art and Yoga after three is a nine week program seeking to expand opportunities for the students of NFSSE which will allow for self-expression, improved social skills, allow for creative thinking, increase flexibility and strength, increase concentration, improve fine motor skills and visual motor skills. Students will explore yoga poses, breathing and relaxation exercises, while emphasizing body awareness and social skills.

Ponte Vedra High School
Awarded: $500

ESE Department
The Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department at Ponte Vedra High School consists of classroom services including: consult services, support facilitation/Co Teach specialized instruction in Reading or Math, self-contained settings and learning strategies.

PVPV Rawlings Elementary
Awarded: $516

Sensory and iPad Support
The specific funding needs are centered around sensory supports and iPad apps that correspond with classroom academic goals. The students require on-going sensory input to regulate and attend to learning tasks.

PVPV Rawlings Elementary
Awarded: $450

PVPV Rawlings K-2 VE Classroom
Students participate in Speech, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy per his/her IEP. All students participate in the ELSB (Early Literacy Skills Builder) Curriculum which incorporations systematic instruction to teach both print and phonemic awareness in a multi-year program with ongoing assessments so students can progress at their own pace, in addition to grade level curriculum.